Jack‘s Law

Jack Padilla, 15 was a freshman at Cherry Creek High School when he took his own life on February 14, 2019, after being bullied.

Rick Padilla, Jack’s father, is taking a stand against bullying and teen suicide by working in conjunction with the Bullying Recovery Resource Center, to pass/amend two extremely important pieces of legislation impacting youth mental health.

Jack‘s story: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/10/23/jack-padilla-rick-padilla-suicide-bullying-jackstrong/


Jack’s Law, Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights.

Representative Lisa Cutter is proposing Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights.

  • Schools would be required (not just ”encouraged”) to create policy that elevates bullying complaints and investigations to the same exisiting timeless, standards, due process, internal appeal procedures, as complaints of discrimination or harassment.
  • Intentional false reports of bullying shall constitute bullying.
  • An anti-bullying team must be established, and it must include at least 2 parents and an external anti-bullying advocate/expert.
  • Parents of students involved in a bullying incident would be entitled to receive a written finding about the requisite investigation, and the school shall affirmatively outreach to and meet with the bullying victim and her/his parents within twenty school days to confirm that the bullying has ceased.
  • When a school learns that a student is the alleged victim of bullying, the school must immediately assess whether the student is at risk of self-harm and provide appropriate resources to the bullied child.
  • Parents shall have the right to appeal the School District‘s decision related to bullying findings to the Colorado Department of Education.
  • Bullying directed towards a victim under age 18 with the intent to provoke suicide or self-harm would be considered a criminal offense.

Please contact Representative Cutter to urge her to
move forward with Jack‘s Law, Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights.

Representative Lisa Cutter: 303-866-2582, lisa.cutter.house@state.co.us

SB00] Concerning Expanding Behavioral Health Training for Kindergarten through 12 Educators: this bill does NOT list suicide prevention training as a subject to be included in training. Please also contact Representatives Fields & Sirota and urge them to amend the bill to INCLUDE SUICIDE PREVENTION TRAINING.

Senator Rhonda Fields: 303-866-1879, rhonda.fields.senate@senate.co.us
Representative Emily Sirota: 303-866-2910, emily.sirota.house@state.co.us