“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”  – Aesop

Happy Holidays:

As we wrap up this very eventful year of 2020, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the BRRC community.

In March, BRRC hosted a community event, “Connect Through Magic”, just two weeks before residents were instructed to shelter in place. We gathered with friends new and old and were treated to the inspiring magic of Scotty Wiese and delicious pizza from Mod Pizza.  The day was truly magical, and it was wonderful to watch our families and friends mingle and support one another.

To say that from March going forward has been challenging for any of us is probably an understatement.  For us as a charity, much of our advocacy work was put on hold.  Our collaborative work on a Colorado anti-bullying bill of rights (Jack’s Law) was put on hold for a while.  Work with many Douglas County families who were subject to gender bullying and harassment were also temporarily sidelined.  With the transfer to online schooling for our children we learned that cyberbullying was on the rise, and some children were struggling with their new school day.  Other kids welcomed a break from facing their tormentors in the school buildings and playgrounds.  The emotional stress for students, parents and teachers is ongoing and exhausting.

Through all these months it is apparent that our services are greatly needed and there is much work to be done to stop bullying.  The phone continues to ring and we have aided families in Colorado all the way to New Jersey who are in the midst of bullying.  We have met many allies this year who are deeply passionate about stopping bullying and our mission of advocacy and recovery.  The inroads we are creating in Colorado and beyond by assisting in giving voice to targets of bullying is meaningful.  We have made a good start.  But there is more to be done.

As we trek into a new year, BRRC has lofty goals to aid more children and their families who are targets of bullying.  We are currently on boarding more advocates to aid families who are in the midst of bullying.  We look forward to gathering our youth in peer recovery groups to grow and move beyond the torments of bullying.  We have plans in place to reach more individuals and organizations who support children and their families and make them aware of our services.  We look forward to hosting community gatherings either online or in person to continue to build a community where families can gather to rebuild and recover together. We also endevor to make meaningful state-wide changes in bullying laws and create transparency and policies for schools so that every bullied student and their family can be treated with the care and respect they deserve.

I am so grateful to all the wonderful people I have met on this journey.  I am inspired by the passion, strength and stamina exemplified in my colleagues, the families I have met, and by those who connect with our mission to defend bullied children and help rebuild lives.  Thank you for doing your part and being an upstander.

Happy 2021!


Dru Ahlborg, Executive Director, BRRC