The Bullying Recovery Resource Center, (BRRC), is a non-profit group that has three beliefs as the foundation of our organization:

 1.  We believe that adults are responsible to stop bullying.  Bullying is not a situation that is negotiated or managed, but must be stopped by the adults that care for children.  We assist and advocate for the families of bullied children with the aim of putting an end to the bullying.    

2.  We believe that bullied children can help other bullied children recover.  We have learned this through experience with our son who was able to befriend another bullied victim and together they could support each other.  This bullied child to bullied child relationship can help them to see that they did nothing wrong, the didn’t deserve what happened to them and to not feel ashamed. Together these children to walk through the effects of their bullying and start on the road to recovery.  

3.  We assist other anti-bullying efforts in the Denver, CO metropolitan area.  Our aim is to work with organizations and charities to promote understanding and unity in our common purpose.

Meet the Co-Founders

Dru and Tom Ahlborg are parents of two children in the Denver, CO.  Their son was relentlessly bullied for over a year at school.  As a result, their son experiences PTSD, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts and tendencies.  The entire family has suffered greatly and has done much work to heal and grow from the affects of what happened to their son.  The care and support they have received from friends and strangers has meant a great deal to them and has aided in healing and recovery.  Persons offering support and kind words has been the light that has guided them to keep moving forward.  They have met other families on their journey that are going through similar circumstances and reeling from the bullying that happened to their families.  Dru and Tom decided to start BRRC to aid other families in the aftermath of bullying.


Tom has a financial background and a huge passion to help other families navigate the difficulties of discussing bullying with school administrators.  Tom’s aim is to educate and obtain restorative justice for the victims of bullying.  Dru has an education and human resources  background and her passion lies with children aiding other children in healing and growing together.  Together, Tom and Dru aim to help bullied children and their families heal and recover from the harmful effects of bullying.