Bullying Recovery

Resource Center (BRRC)

Mission Statement:

Defends bullied children

and helps rebuild lives






Vision Statement: All Colorado families experiencing bullying are empowered through education and advocacy to defend their children where the bullying occurs. We are committed to building a community of support to help families rebuild and recover together.


It is the responsibility of adults to STOP bullying. BRRC helps parents advocate in schools to get the adults to STOP the bullying.


BRRC believes that bullied children can RECOVER and help other bullied children to RECOVER.


We ASSIST efforts in anti-bullying and bullying prevention. BRRC will assist and work with anti-bullying charities to promote understanding.

Victims of Bullying Can Recover

Bullied Children:
  • Should not feel ashamed as they have done nothing wrong.

  • Did nothing to deserve what happened to them.

  • Need to see the good in the world and put their bullying experience in the past.

  • Can use their experience to help other bullied children walk through the effects of bullying to recovery.

The Do-Nothing Principal

The Do-Nothing Principal

The Do-Nothing Principal Adapted from Dr. Ben Leichtling, PhD When my son was in sixth and seventh grade, he was relentlessly bullied.  He was verbally, physically and relationally bullied.  The short version of our experience is that his dad and I reported the bullying many times.  We were met with false promises, excuses, ignorance and rationalizations from the leaders of the school and the school counselor.  We ended up filing a lawsuit, pulled him from school, invested in mental help for all of us, became bullying experts and started Bullying Recovery Resource Center (BRRC) for families who were going through...

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BRRC is the Summer 2021 Beneficiary Colorado 1000

Colorado 1000 is building a network of business professionals whose combined support gives 100% of donations to local Colorado charities in need. We support our community by creating exciting and informational events and present many opportunities throughout the year, upholding the Givers-Get mentality.

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