Bullying Recovery

Resource Center (BRRC)

Mission Statement:

Defends bullied children

and helps rebuild lives






Vision Statement: All Colorado families experiencing bullying are empowered through education and advocacy to defend their children where the bullying occurs. We are committed to building a community of support to help families rebuild and recover together.


It is the responsibility of adults to STOP bullying. BRRC helps parents advocate in schools to get the adults to STOP the bullying.


BRRC believes that bullied children can RECOVER and help other bullied children to RECOVER.


We ASSIST efforts in anti-bullying and bullying prevention. BRRC will assist and work with anti-bullying charities to promote understanding.

Victims of Bullying Can Recover

Bullied Children:
  • Should not feel ashamed as they have done nothing wrong.

  • Did nothing to deserve what happened to them.

  • Need to see the good in the world and put their bullying experience in the past.

  • Can use their experience to help other bullied children walk through the effects of bullying to recovery.

The Story of a Special Needs Client

The Story of a Special Needs Client

The Story of a Special Needs Client  This month I am going to share with you the story of one of our clients. We first met this young man's parents via a frantic phone call after we watched a video of horrific physical bullying that was shared on social media. That phone call happened in October 2020. We have been working with the family ever since.  The young man was 13 years old and was in 8th grade in middle school in October 2020. His favorite thing on the planet is The Denver Broncos. He throughly enjoyed playing football. This adolescent has a genetic condition that qualifies him for special education and related services. He has been on an individualized...

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BRRC received news coverage for a lawsuit filed in Grand Junction, CO:

As seen in The Daily Sentinel Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction Family files lawsuit against District 51 after son’s bullying

A Grand Junction family recently filed a civil lawsuit against Mesa County Valley School District 51, alleging that the district failed to protect their child from consistent abuse and bullying in school. Read More

Also covered on KKCO 11 News.

watch the video here.

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